13 Feb

Why You Should Be Using More Video Content »

Is video a part of your marketing strategy? Stats show video has phenomenal engagement rates and basic training can help you leverage its potential.

16 Jan

Using the Photoshop Perspective Crop Tool »

Platform Tutor Steve Bell explains how to use the Photoshop Perspective Crop Tool to improve photographs taken from an undesired angle.

10 Jan

Why Take a Refresher Course? »

Are you planning your learning objectives for the months ahead? often the best training investment can be in updating the skills you already have.

08 Nov

Above the Fold »

Is ‘above the fold’ still an important consideration for web designers?  How is it changing?  And how should you build it into your website design?

15 Oct

Applying Object Styles in InDesign »

Using object styles in InDesign is really useful for achieving a uniform look throughout your document – and it’s really simple to set them up.

15 Oct

The Knowledge of Font »

Typefaces matter. The size, spacing, font and colour of your copy all impact the way it makes your reader feel – your choices change the visual impact.

15 Sep

How to Add Text to Images Using Photoshop »

Adding text to a photograph is really useful, particularly for your social media campaigns – the Adobe Photoshop text tool is ideal for the job.

20 Jul

Choosing the Right WordPress Theme »

Templates help us to create all kinds of documents quickly and simply with a professional finish. In this, WordPress is no different.

13 Jun

Great Infographics »

Infographics are a great way to get attention for your brand and drive visitors to your website.  When done well, they are really shareable.

08 May

Democratisation of Design »

The gap between designer and client is blurring: today’s cloud software puts the designer’s tools in reach of everyone, does this make us all designers?