17 Mar

Creating Websites with WordPress

What do Beyoncé, Justin Bieber, the Walt Disney Company, Russell Brand and Vogue have in common? No, not catchy tunes or radical politics. It’s something you might not notice right off the bat. Unless you’ve read the title. It’s WordPress.

Naturally, we’re not implying that the great and good of music, film, and fashion handle such mundane issues as their websites themselves. They leave that to their vast marketing and publicity departments.

The fact that these global organisations have opted for WordPress is indicative of a worldwide trend that has seen this particular website content management system (CMS) gain significant ground each year since its release in 2003. In the last 5 years, WordPress has doubled its user numbers, growing from a share of 11.3% of CMS usage to 26.1% as of this month (source: www.w3techs.com).


So what is it about WordPress? Why are organisations switching to WordPress en masse and why is it quickly gaining an unassailable market position? Here are 7 reasons why WordPress is so popular and why you might want to start creating websites with WordPress:


1. Easy to Use

WordPress is very easy to use and has an intuitive interface. You’ll be able to add new pages, blog posts, images, podcasts, etc. in a flash.


2. Control

WordPress allows you to control practically every aspect of your website and make simple updates yourself. No more waiting for your web designer to do them for you.


3. 100% Bespoke and Customisable

WordPress allows the look and feel of your website to be 100% customised, so your brand, vibe or outlook can shine through on your site, giving your visitors a unique, clear experience.


4. Browser Based

WordPress is browser-based. You can login from any internet-connected computer anywhere and manage your site.


5. Search Engines Just Love WordPress Sites

Because the code behind WordPress is so clean and simple, search engines have a far easier time reading and indexing a site’s content.


6. Made For Bloggers

Blogging capabilities are already built into WordPress and are easy to integrate. You’ll be able to easily set up RSS / email subscriptions to your blog, commenting features and link it to other sites.


7. Plugins

Want to add an event calendar, video gallery, Twitter or Facebook feed, etc. to your site? WordPress has ready-made plugins for whichever eventuality. If you’re big into coding, you might even try developing your own plugins.



Start Creating Websites with WordPress

Excited? Thinking about the endless amount of options and possibilities WordPress has to offer? Sign up for our Creating Websites with WordPress Course.  Completing this 1 day WordPress Course will enable you to:

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• Install and manage WordPress Themes
• Build user-friendly menu and navigation systems

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