15 Oct

Applying Object Styles in InDesign

Using object styles in InDesign is really useful for achieving a uniform look throughout your document.

This can be helpful when creating buttons, adding and placing images, and standardising text boxes. It is a real time saver and helps to add coherence and a professional finish – and it’s really simple to set up.

Then, once created, object styles can be applied to consistently format text frames and picture frames with a single click.


Format a Single Object

Apply your chosen formatting to any single object, as desired.
Here, we’re adding a border of orange spheres and a drop-shadow to an image in a circular frame.


indesign object styles



Creating the Object Style

On completion, choose Window > Styles > Object Styles to open the Object Styles panel. In the panel’s fly-out menu, select New Object Style assigning a descriptive name to your Style.


indesign object styles



Applying the Object Style

To apply Style formatting attributes to other objects, select objects then click the newly created style from the Object Styles panel.


indesign object files final



It really is that simple!

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