08 Oct

4 Reasons Why Learning Photoshop is Good For Business

Photoshop is 30 years old this year. In the 90’s, it was the niche cutting edge tool that was embraced by designers and advertisers everywhere. The next decade, it became the business standard as the world moved online. Today, this photo-editing powerhouse is as ubiquitous as the word processor, part of everyday life for business people of every stripe.

In fact, taking a Photoshop course today is, or at least should be, a necessary requirement for some employees at almost any business. The ability to manipulate images is crucial for designers, developers, architects, publishers, advertisers, musicians, and just about any other line of work where presenting information is required. To celebrate Photoshop’s 25 anniversary, we look at 4 powerful ways in which learning Photoshop can improve your business.


It Cuts Your Marketing Costs

Every business uses marketing, and most of them pay an outside agency well for these services. Even if you use an outsourced marketing agency, however, that doesn’t necessarily mean that your company needs to rely on them for every single aspect of your marketing efforts. Paying to have someone attend a Photoshop course can give your business an internal resource for certain marketing aspects that could end up saving your business thousands over the course of time.


It Improves Your Social Media Content

Social media marketing is yet another business necessity that has developed in the last decade, and without a strong social presence your company is likely to fall far behind your competition. More and more business is driven through social sites, and images are far and away the most engaging content in the social media world. Long text posts are sure to scroll through your target audience’s feed without a second glance, but a polished and engaging image accompanied by short, catchy text is as close to a sure thing as you’ll get. For most businesses, the skills learned in a beginner’s Photoshop course will more than suffice for what is needed for your social efforts, but as long as you’re going that far you may as well take one step further and have them attend an intermediate or even advanced level Photoshop course.


It Gives Some Pop to Your Docs

Clear communication is one of the golden keys to good business, but documents of nothing but endless black letters on white backgrounds all but guarantee that the reader will struggle to get through the information, if they take the time to get through it at all. While it may not ensure that your memos get the attention they deserve, a nice logo at the top and some interesting graphics littered throughout the documents will go a long way in making them more palatable and well-received.


It Makes Your Products More Appealing

Images aren’t only king on social sites, and if your company sells a product online then they become an absolute necessity. And of course, the more appealing the image the more attention it gets. Taking a photo of your goods for display on your website can be accomplished with only your smartphone, so long as you’ve taken sufficient Adobe Photoshop Training  to be able to edit them to be picture-perfect, pun entirely intended.

The bottom line is that Photoshop is a tool every business should master to some extent in today’s image-centric, online world, or even for flyers handed out on the street. There are many options for learning this valuable skill, but if your business is in the UK then we offer the best Adobe Authorised Photoshop courses in London, so contact us for more information. Oh, and happy birthday, Photoshop!