15 Sep

Hackney Digital Skills Training »

A number of free digital skills training courses are now available for London Hackney residents, available throughout the year.

13 Apr

Cropping Images with Adobe Photoshop »

The Photoshop Crop Tool allows you to choose a specific area of an image and discard anything outside that selection. Learn how to use it here.

14 Feb

How to Correct Colour in Adobe Premiere Pro »

Colour correction is an important part of video production. A few simple adjustments can make all the difference and make video images really pop.

27 Oct

How to Troubleshoot Adobe InDesign »

Sometimes Adobe InDesign can go wrong. In this short video we look at how to resolve common issues with InDesign to get you up and running again.

22 Feb

Resizing an image in Adobe Photoshop »

When you need to resize an image in Adobe Photoshop for use on a website or for print output, a proper understanding of pixel resolution is essential.

13 Oct

Your Guide to Perfect Social Media Images »

We look at how to best edit and optimise the images you post to three of the major social media channels: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

08 Aug

Three Essential Elements of Visual Advertising »

In this article, we explore the decisions and techniques that lie behind three essential elements of visual advertising: composition, rhythm and colour.

20 May

Remove an Image Background in Photoshop »

In this tutorial, we’re going to cover one of the most straight-forward background removal tools to get to grips with: the Magic Wand Tool

16 Apr

All Change at Platform Training »

Platform’s dedicated training studios have undergone something of a makeover, with a big investment in our technology too.

23 Mar

Your Essential Guide to the House Style Guide »

Your house style defines who you are as a brand and fulfils several important jobs. Whatever your company size, you need a house style guide.